Production locations of ASAM Betriebs-GmbH

The many years of experience of our employees enable us to continuously modernize production processes and manufacture our products in the best and most consistent quality. In order to meet our high demands on innovative active ingredients and textures, we carry out strict quality controls.

The dermatological confirmation of skin compatibility by independent institutes is a matter of course for us. Each of our sites has the necessary core competences throughout the value chain – resulting in premium-quality cosmetic products.


Company headquarters and
heart of research and development

The concept and product story are the beginning of every product idea or cosmetic line. In Unterföhring, an experienced development team creates new formulations and innovative products every day. Extensive quality assurance is carried out and scientific evidence of active ingredients is documented. From here, skin compatibility tests and external user tests are controlled and evaluated.

Haptics and design also play an important role in the world of cosmetics. Our employees in product management and in the in-house graphics department ensure that our cosmetic textures are offered in suitable packaging and in an optimal dosage form.

In addition to product development and design, our employees at this location are also responsible for sales, marketing, finance, and IT.


Production site for face care,
body care and hair care

At our Beilngries site, we produce all kinds of skin and hair care products. An overview of the various products and categories can be found here.
The production is carried out according to the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP). All production processes are clearly regulated, each production stage is controlled. This is how we guarantee perfect products of the best quality.

New formulations and product optimizations are also created at this location in the development and research laboratory. Close communication with our experts in Unterföhring ensures that upscaling and production steps are optimally prepared – the perfect prerequisite for smooth bulk production, filling, and packaging.


Production site for decorative cosmetics
and special products

Our subsidiary near Regensburg area specializes in the development and manufacture of products in the field of decorative cosmetics. Our experts formulate product solutions in a wide range of color shades and various sizes and shapes. Special products such as anti-itching or anti-corn products can also be created. An overview of our extensive product portfolio can be found here.

The excellent quality of our products is also shown by certification according to IFS HPC. The scope of the certification covers bulk production, and the filling and packaging of decorative cosmetics such as nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, make-up, make-up stick, mascara, nail care, emulsion, powder, and roll-ons.


Production site for the extraction and
processing of grape marc and organic fertilizer

At our branch in Landau in the Palatinate region, grape marc is processed into grape raw materials in a space measuring 26,000 m2 using state of the art conveyor systems and silos.

By processing the grape marc, a sustainable approach is pursued. Additional types of processing also allow for the use as organic fertilizer or plant additives.

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Finished products are packed according to customer requirements and made available in our warehouses. From here, the cosmetic products are delivered to our customers all over the world.