Sustainability & responsibility


Thanks to decades of experience in the cosmetics industry, we know how to optimally achieve a balance between compatibility, proven effectiveness, and sustainability. Cosmetics with the highest share of natural ingredients are our focus.

We combine the best active ingredients from nature with high-quality high-tech active ingredients that are both skin-friendly and sustainable.

Green footprint in all value creation areas

Sustainability and resource protection are subjects close to our hearts and have been a matter of course for us for a long time.

Resource-conserving production

At our production sites, we implement various options for sustainable production and are constantly developing them further. Besides, the generation of green electricity using our own solar panels and the resource-saving use of production-related waste heat, integrated ventilation systems ensure heat recovery. Optimization is achieved by continuously monitoring energy resources. Raw materials come from selected suppliers who adhere to strict sustainability guidelines concerning extraction and processing. Optimization measures for logistics processes and transport routes contribute to a further reduction in CO2 emissions.

Generation of more than 423,000 kWh of solar energy in 2022

100% free from…

Many of our products are vegan as we do not use any ingredients that are derived from animal substances. Due to their very good care properties, we use beeswax and propolis. The majority of our new developments are generally vegan. In addition, we avoid parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, aluminum salts, and solid microplastic particles.

Our products have not been and are not tested on animals. Animal testing of cosmetic products in the EU has generally been prohibited since 2009.

No particulate microplastics in any products

Corporate culture and commitment

Our employees are the basis for the success of the Asam family. Appreciation and respectful interaction are practiced with us, professional qualifications and commitment are encouraged. As a medium-sized company, we are one of the most important employers at our locations in rural areas. In addition, social commitment is particularly close to our hearts. As a Bronze Partner to the non-profit organization DKMS LIFE, we support the patient program “look good feel better” to give women with cancer renewed self-esteem and vigor for life. In addition, further projects such as our Asambeauty “Donation Weeks” benefit numerous aid programs and institutions.

In 2022 over € 90,000 has been donated to charity